We are a key player in the Port of Rotterdam’s 24/7 logistical chain.

A & P Oil B.V. Transport Road freight Minerals jetty, pipeline and 1.100.000 cubic metre storage facilities are dedicated to optimising the operations of oil refineries and traders.

We are your one stop for all your storage needs

We provide storage tanks for Edible oils, Fuel oil, cutter stock, gas oil, gas oil components, diesel, gasoline, gasoline components, VGO, ethanol, methanol, blend kero, soya oil, rapeseed oil, bio diesel, MTBE and ETBE.

We provide Tailored Services for all our customers

Different products require special services. We provide Blending, heating, client pump-overs, board-board, fully dedicated systems for each customer.

Our terminals are Strategically located.

Our terminals are easily accessible by Seagoing vessels, coaster, barge, truck and railway. No matter your choice of logistics, we have you covered.

We deliver tailored services for all your storage and logistics needs.

A & P Oil B.V. caters to storage, safely blending, break-bulk and consolidation of petroleum products and Crude oil. Strategically located at the Roosendaal region in The Netherlands. A & P Oil B.V. is one the leading storage and handling service provider for petroleum products in the shores of the Netherlands.

A & P Oil B.V. terminal can accept tankers of up to 175,000 d.w.t. at its own jetties. Our facilities are designed to state-of the-art specifications, complies with the most stringent quality, environmental and safety standards.

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Why choose us

Our services are second to none. we strive to meet all our customers expectations.

Expert Engineers

Our staffs are well equipped with all the technical expertise to deliver exceptional services

Customer Support

Our customer support is available 24/7 to give all neccessary assistance you may require.

Delivery On time

We maintain strict adherence to delivery deadlines. Our word is our bond.

Our one and only priority is customer satisfaction

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