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A & P Oil B.V. caters to storage, safely blending, break-bulk and consolidation of petroleum products and Crude oil. Strategically located at the heart of Rotterdam ,A & P Oil B.V. is one the leading storage and handling service provider for petroleum products in the shores of Rotterdam.

The storage capacity of the terminal is about 2.6 million cubic meters with 73 Tanks, 6 jetties and 1 Single Point Mooring buoy. The terminal is also connected to the jetties of the Port of Rotterdam. A & P Oil B.V. handles the full spectrum of petroleum products such as Mogas, Reformate, Naphtha, Pygas, Gasoil, MTBE, Condensate, Fuel Oil, Jet Fuel, Kerosene and Crude oil. Bio-fuel such as Ethanol is also handled on request. Services offered are receipt from and delivery to ships, homogenizing, additivation, inter-tank transfers, pipeline transfers to neighbouring terminals and ship to ship transfers.

A & P Oil B.V. was established in 2001 aiming on its principal competencies Freight transport,storage and related logistics service. Over the years, we have established a good relationship with many clients whom have entrusted their daily delivery operations on us. It includes the improvements for a world-class fleet of trucks as well as warehousing facilities for the high expectations and demand of our clients. That enhances our growth along the way and a opportunity to increase our service delivery capabilities.

We handle ancillary services like; insurance, customs documentation and clearance, which are part of the international shipping business. As a solutions partner, A & P Oil B.V. provides warehousing, risk assessment, methods of international payment, management, and NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) documentation, or bills of lading for your logistics demands.

A & P Oil B.V. ensures the safety of his customers, employees and communities. We are familiar with the significant of continuous training and proud of our experienced staff, safety knowledge and ability to exceed industry standards. We have continually maintain an excellent rating on our storage services safety and low accident frequencies. Our solid safety performance history is a well-established fact and we will continue to be a leader in this area and its compliance, because of our professional and dedicated personnel of storage maintenance.

Our one and only priority is customer satisfaction

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Service and quality are key to A & P Oil B.V.’s approach. This has traditionally been based on self-sufficiency, proficiency, exacting quality requirements and continuous innovation. The company’s top priority is to fully match the client’s needs with flexible storage and transport solutions.


A & P Oil B.V.’s ambition is simple: Stay on top and continue to grow by expanding its current markets and the range of products it can store. A & P Oil B.V. is quick to recognise market opportunities. By responding to these, the company is becoming a reliable and innovative logistics partner for a growing number of clients.


For a company like A & P Oil B.V. that takes the lead, vision and business development go hand in hand. A & P Oil B.V. plans further investments in automation, attracting the right people, on-going innovation, and seeing and grasping opportunities. Yet safety always comes first.


To truly optimize the quality of its services, A & P Oil B.V. is committed to continuous improvementall areas, no matter how small the additional gains may be. The company recognises that the market for oils, fats and derivatives is becoming increase in international and is actively seeking opportunities to expand globally through partnershiacquisitions and new international clients.

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