Product Bunkering

A & P Oil B.V. assures the quality of supplies and services to our clients within the bunker supply chain as well as the effective, safe and secure bunker delivery operations.

Safe and efficient bunkering management

With today’s ultra-efficient marine engines, bunker quality is critical to efficient fuel consumption and minimising engine wear and tear. All vessels bunkering in A & P Oil B.V. can be assured of the quality and quantity of bunker, as well as safe and efficient delivery.

A & P Oil B.V. ensures these benchmarks through several standards and codes of practice, iin accordance to industry best practise code set by the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO)

A & P Oil B.V. promotes a safe, reliable and transparent framework for bunkering operations, assuring customers of the bunker quality and quantity loaded in our all terminals.

All bunker vessel and bunker vessel operators owned by A & P Oil B.V. are licensed and accredited by the MPA.

As part of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirement to phase out single-hulled tankers and as part of the A & P Oil B.V. drive to secure a younger, more efficient and environment-friendly fleet of bunker tankers, A & P Oil B.V. has introduced the Gate System, which sets age limits and other conditions for issuing new harbour craft licences for bunker tankers, and deadlines for phasing out existing single-hulled bunker tankers carrying Heavy Grade Oil (HGO) in all A & P Oil B.V. terminals.

Port clearance procedures have been simplified for easier and faster bunkering operations within all our terminals.

To further enhance the operational efficiency of the bunker supply chain, the A & P Oil B.V. has developed BunkerNet, a network linking all parties within the bunker supply chain for the exchange of information and to automate and streamline processes. BunkerNet enables oil majors, tank storage operators, bunker traders, surveying companies, shipping lines, bunker vessel operators and testing labs to interface seamlessly.

A & P Oil B.V. strives to provide satisfaction and service to all stakeholders. Our various schemes are intended to help defray business costs, promote value-for-money bunkering services and provide convenience to all parties within the bunker supply chain. We aim to make the entire bunkering process as simple as “drive in ’n fill ’er up”.